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Greeting all!

We are in maintenance mode for the next few days

as a whole NEW look and feel to IndiMusic TV is on it's way.

Video upload will be suspended until the full migration and updates are complete so as not to lose any of your precious data!!!.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it WILL BE worth the wait.

Thank you all for your support and continued engagement of the IndiMusic TV Worldwide Community!!!

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Are you a music lover?

IndiMusic.TV is the first Social Media Broadcast Network where you can watch and listen to music videos from independent artists and bands. It's the place where you can discover new and old music from all over the world, where you can support your favorite artists or bands by becoming their fan, and where you decide what we broadcast by voting for the music videos you like.

From now on you never have to miss a thing. By checking the events for upcoming gigs and concerts in your area, you can stay in the loop for seeing your favorite artists perform, the latest single and album releases, and read reviews and opinions from our VJs.

If that is not enough, you can also download promotional MP3’s, ringtones and more from your favorite artists or bands for FREE! Join us now, and become a member of the first Social Media Broadcast Network.


Are you an independent artist or member of a band and want to interact with your current and future fan base? Sign up now as an artist and unleash the power of IndiMusic.TV.

Upload your music videos and get them broadcast on our 24/7 stream on our site and our multiple ROKU channels. Get access to our exclusive list of music publishers, labels, studios, promoters, concert venues and more. List your gig or concert tour in our events section and share music and videos with your fans through our Social Media Broadcast Network.

NEW: Create you own IndiMusic Radio Station with our new playlist feature. Add your favorite IndiMusic TV sounds, pop out the player to your desktop and stream music all day for FREE!!!!

NEW: Upgrade to a blogger account for free!!!!

IndiMusic.TV is the most powerful tool you can use to launch or continue your independent music career. 

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Sinem Saniye

"IndiMusic TV is truly one-of-a-kind, and the best TV outlet I've seen for Independent musicians. As a winner of the IndiMusic TV contest, I truly had one of the best experiences! At their studio, they treated me with such welcome, I felt like one of the gang. The TV interview we.... (read more) 

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