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Founded in 2004, IndiMusic TV has reached over 10 million users a month in over 150 countries, and was launched as the music video website of choice exposing new Independent Music Videos online and later on traditional TV. In 2012, IndiMusic TV established itself as the first 24-7 independent worldwide music video TV channel and musician social network. Its Patent Pending Social Media Broadcast Network model has helped IndiMusic TV grow to become the go-to spot for the very best independent music videos - garnering 725,000+ subscribers in over 150 countries worldwide. With consistently over 3 million visitors a month (over 100,000+ visits a day), and more than 65,000 Likes on Facebook. IndiMusic TV also has had programming available on VOD in 26.4 million homes through VOD on Dish Network, Verizon FIOS and Comcast, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. See also:
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