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Mark Padilla started in the pawn business in 1981 and later got into the
music business opening Don Lesmen Music & Broadway Recording studio
in 1985. Mark became an award winning audio engineer, producer and
songwriter. Mark eventually renamed Don Lesmen music to Lesmen’s music
and started selling more audio and lighting gear and doing sound reinforcement,
video production, backline, printing and a full service repair department.
Mark has produced several TV shows like “The After After Party” with
Steven Michael Quezada, Nuevowood that was on Fox, CW, KOB. Mark is
also a promoter for comedy concerts, musical concerts with several major
artists. Mark got involved in video editing and music scoring for movies and
corporate events. Mark was executive producer of the feature movie called
“Homeless” which he was the music supervisor and sound engineer. Mark owns
Lesmen’s Pro Audio & Broadway Production studio (Now Moonlight Recording Studio)
since 1985 , Mark also owns NM Chili Just add Water selling Red and Green chill products.

Mark was born and raised in Albuquerque and is very connected in the New Mexico Music,
Recording & Film and does several sponsored community events. Marks last Guitar For Kids
event donated 30 guitars and accessories the the youth.

Mark and his wife Polly were inducted into the New Mexico Music Hall Of Fame 2019.
Mark now serves as President for the New Mexico Music Hall of Fame.