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joy toujours
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Joy Toujours is a Pittsburgh-based Post Folk artist who is happy to admit that their music is comparable to a “personal, yet playful haunted dream”. In equal parts tension and harmony, Joy Toujours sets out with a violin, telephone and sometimes even the power drill to create their mysterious blend of avant-garde Post Folk. Joy’s performances confront and captivate listeners with hints of anarcho lyrics of hope, wonder and revenge that reverberate through an old-school telephone circuit-bent into a mic. These vocal passages are laced across a foundation of minimal, repetitive backtracks that are remixed on the fly, and often with live violin thrown into the mix. Their music has taken them across the country and beyond. Busking from city to city, hopping trains and hitchhiking across borders, they have played in both punk settings and intimate acoustic sessions across a dozen countries. Joy Toujours has a 3-track original 7” set for release on May 1st 2020. The EP will include a bonus cover of Cher’s ‘Bang Bang I Shot You Down’.