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Steve Baker
United States

MUSIC VIDEO PROMOTION - SPECIALIZING IN PROMOTING VIDEOS BY INDEPENDENT ARTISTS For more than 20 years, Visual Image Marketing, has specialized in promoting & marketing music videos to National Music Networks and many other video outlets across the US. We specialize in working with indie artists to help get their videos made & then marketing those videos in a very cost effective way. In the past 20 years, we've promoted over 350 music videos.

Our national video promotion & marketing lasts for the life of the video. That is usually 16 weeks or so. We take care of all duplication, mailing, and related paperwork.

We only work a few videos at a time so we can give each artist's video the needed attention it requires so it is not lost with the major label artists' videos.

Additionally, the video airplay reports we generate show actual numbers of plays, not Heavy, Medium or Light rotations.

The client is provided with an accurate accounting of airplay at each of the video outlets on a regular basis. This verifiable airplay becomes an integral part of the artist's marketing mix.

All of this effort adds up to AWARENESS. It’s that AWARENESS that will ultimately translate into Sales at Retail for an artist.



If you or an artist you represent have a video or are considering shooting a video, we’d love to talk with you. If you need to have a music video shot, we work with many different directors and production companies that specialize in shooting videos on film (16mm, Super 16 & 35mm) as well as shooting videos on Digital Video (High Definition, RED and 24P). We’ll be glad to talk with you and see what your vision for the video is and then put you with a few directors that can translate the song into a broadcast quality video, all within your budget.

If you already have a finished music video, we’d love to take a look at the video and discuss your marketing plans for the artist, the CD project and for the video. That will give us a starting point to put together a promotion & marketing proposal for you that maximizes the exposure for your artist’s video.

Let Visual Image Marketing be your Video Promotion & Marketing Company. We will use our 28+ years of music business experience to increase the National awareness of your artists and their video products. 


Who I'd like to meet:

Artists that see the value in getting a music video professionally shot and promoted not only across the US, but Worldwide on the internet. We can help you make the right decisions about how to shoot the best video possible within an indie budget.


Would also like to talk with creative filmmakers & directors about working together to make these artists' songs come alive on screen.