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Anna Colombo
United Kingdom
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London-based dark pop act FHUR blends dark, hypnotic synths and sultry vocals to create melancholic, longing atmospheres. The blur between what is real and what is not is at the core of her tracks, creating a grey space where dreams, desires and reality coexist. Let her music take you through the rooms of life, of the mind. 


FHUR debuted with We Just Wanna Have Fun, a moody track, dance-y but introspective, for all those who sometimes prefer to party in their minds, surrounded by neons and imaginary friends. niina's remix (We Just Wanna Have Fun (niina Remix)) of the track was positively received and was featured on BBC Radio 1 Dance Introducing Show on January 27th 2022 and was Tune of The Weekend on BBC Introducing the West on January 29th 2022.


Her sophomore single Honey is an edgy, sultry pop track, all about being close to someone you want but you can't have, feeding on this closeness, using it for your own personal reverie. It gained support from various outlets, including being featured on BBC Introducing London in March 2022.

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FHUR's newest release "Yearn" explores a darker, punchier side of her sound. Reflecting on how sometimes we lean on situations that hurt us, rather than looking for the sweet taste of happiness,"Yearn" is a hymn to the darkest intimate side of our personality. 


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