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Daliborka Janevska
Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of
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Vox Jane are Filip Janevski and Daliborka  Janevska. They come from Skopje, Macedonia. Filip is a producer, composer, and guitarist in the band, and Daliborka is a vocalist, composer, and songwriter.


Our musical collaboration started back in 2004 with the band Gray Nova with which we recorded two singles together, and after that, we created the group DINA and in 2005 we released the music album "Returning to The Light". The genre of music is mostly alternative and rock with an electronic ambiance.


The band Vox Jane will present the single "Something Beautiful" as a harbinger of a new music project that is yet to air worldwide.


Musicians of the single are:


Filip Janevski - acoustic guitar, co-author, and producer

Daliborka Janevska - vocalist and author of music and lyrics

Rob O’Block – guitars

Charles Berthoud – bass guitar

Brandon Davis – drums

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