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Swamp Da Wamp - My Drinking Song - Swamp da Wamp is a seven-piece powerhouse Country laced Rock band based in Charlotte, North Carolina. They’re fronted by the undeniably charismatic singer/songwriter Gig Michaels. With his 6’4 frame, waist-length hair and thundering vocals he owns every stage he sets foot on – and every audience he stands in front of. While not easily classifiable in one genre or another, the talent and chemistry of this diverse band make it an incredible “must-see” live act. Swamp da Wamp is lead singer Gig Michaels, drummer David Lee, guitarist Keith “The Wizard” Inman, violin/dobro/guitar Nick Nguyen, bassist Rich Basco, piano & B-3 Scooby and the incredibly talented backup vocalist Adrienne Nixon. As a band, Swamp da Wamp is relatable to (and much loved by) fans because of what the band is all about – life’s joys, it’s sorrows, the peaks and the valley’s . . . They play about the life people actually live. Sometimes they just play about relaxing and enjoying the moment or getting sexy and sultry. Swamp is very pro-American and shows support for our troops wherever they go. The new album on the horizon is full of good music- damn good music. It will further showcase the evolution of this band’s much loved sound – part modern rock, part classic rock, part southern rock, part country, and part blues. Along with fronting Swamp da Wamp, Gig Michaels and the band are heavily involved with many charitable endeavors, including Veterans Foundations, the Native American Heritage Association (NAHA) and St. Jude’s Hospital. They are also deeply committed to anti-bullying campaigns worldwide, and are currently working with the international organization Whether you’re a blue-collar worker, a soldier, a surgeon, or another musician yourself, Swamp da Wamp is a show and a musical experience you don’t want to miss. Hit a show, grab a seat, and listen – or get up and dance, and know that you’re with family; you’re home. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Reverbnation: Label website: iTunes:
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03.11.2015 (2514 days ago)
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