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Troy Bullock - Country Go Round - Official Music Video - Troy Bullock can be best described with one phrase- “Stone Cold Country”. A mix of country music neo-con prime traditionalism and the fiddle and steel of yesteryear, country music’s greatest influences run deep in this small town Wyoming coal-miner. The echoes of a hard hitting, get-it-done working man with the slight blend of a closet poet embodies the persona of his music and everyday life characterized as “True Blue American”. Having been discovered in the literal middle of nowhere by Mont-Merch Records A&R, during a what had then turned into a three year break from Nashville, Troy has described himself as “getting back to his roots”, which is simply none other than what MMR describes as “Western Under-Ground”. Label partner and CFO of Mont Merch Records, Kacie Martin, describes the first encounter in hearing “this incredible voice” in an unlikely small western setting as “simply Amazing!” “We were in, for lack of a better word, a “dive” and immediately after hearing Troy’s deep voice and seeing the rare passion in his performance, I had to know his story” she said. “I was shocked to find that this talent was not marketed, and scolded him for hiding out in the middle-of-nowhere. The world deserves to hear his genuine talent, and I’ve been determined to make that happened ever since our first, chance meeting”. Along with the ability to vocalize, the label soon discovered Troy’s talent for shaping a song and his desire to change the direction that Country Music is headed. “I just see an entire market of Country Music’s most loyal and loving fans being completely ignored and pushed to the wayside”, he said, “And I just can’t allow that to happen”. I thought Troy, in a way, discounted himself with that statement because as a writer, I love music in general and didn’t know I loved country music until I heard his material. In his writing and composing, some of the most haunting inflections of past greats seem to still live on. Kacie styles the first experience she had with Troy as not just another singer on the proverbial road to Stardom, but as a self-effacing songwriter crafting his own masterpieces among the dust and clutter of his basement in a modest blue house on Cottonwood Street. “I was definitely hooked hearing him express his passion in cover songs, but” she added “that did not prepare me for who he was as a writer. I was, to say the least; absolutely blown away”. Soon after what was becoming a fortuitous moment, Troy exposed the idea he was working on for his first record release. “I returned to the area I grew up in to take back the essence of who I was prior to Nashville’, Troy said and added “in taking that step and becoming a coal miner, the album idea really started to formulate’. The concept for the release, titled “Paydirt”, a ten track record, started deep underground in a Coal Mine in Wyoming’s famed Thunder Basin. The first single titled “Country-Go-Round”, an I’m-Damn-Tired, somewhat politically colored story of a coal miner and what he or she stands (or won’t stand) for, was written in the depths of the world’s largest open pit Coal Mine. This song shaped the entire album, telling stories of hard work, love-and-loss and sharing the hardships and woes of the heartland of America. The release of “Paydirt” is planned for May of 2015. Website: Facebook: Twitter: iTunes:
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03.11.2015 (2514 days ago)
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