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Justina Valentine "Let The Birds Fly"
In case you haven't caught on by now, Justina Valentine is an artist that likes to push the envelope. Since we first introduced her to our viewers with her "Halloween" video last year we've seen her develop from an artist experimenting with the mixture of pop and hip-hop production to compliment her soulful vocals that would make any Motown artist green with envy. Then came "Unbelievable," "That Ring," and "Glitters (Ain't Gold)," all of which came from her Valentine EP, and through her collaboration with director Brandon Ripley also an increasingly sophisticated visual presentation including, but not limited to fully body gold glitter, a Maleficent-esque costume prowling beneath the 12th Ave. viaduct in Harlem, and simple diner waitress in New Jersey. Now hold on tight as we introduce you to "Let the Birds Fly." It's also worth noting that on top of being daring and fearless with her musical persona, Justina is also one of the hardest working artists and most dedicated hustlers of any we've ever seen. Her single "Let the Birds Fly," from the new album Scarlet Letter, sees her team up PYRMDS behind the board and also by her side throughout the song. It's a head splitting and bombastic thrill ride that builds off a beat oozing enough bass to rattle the subs through the floor and complimented with a mix of percussion that hints at an island vibe as well. Justina's voice carries the day, both in her raspy delivery spitting rhymes and when she dials up the register and sings like an angel to take the song out. The "Let the Birds Fly" video is another kind of thrill ride all its own. The opening shot is a 1963 Lincoln Continental rolling through the streets of NJ at a slow and deliberate pace. We know instantly that this video is going to be chock full of swag and style. The video quickly jumps to cuts of Justina and PYRMDS throwing down at a street track with race cars playing games at high speeds. There's an abundance of dirt bikes cursing the lot as well, complete with Justina in her most sultry outfit riding on the back (no helmet, naturally.) Fast cars, sexy women, and unforgettable music make the video one that will leave your heart racing and mouth watering for more!
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    Justina is off the hook …. I have been in the music biz for many years …with  good A&R ears …. I sign her in  a minute , She is fresh Bread ready to pop out of the oven …. Dif going to catch you live , Watch out all you pop Divas theres a new lady in town who,s going to mix it all up !!!!

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12.03.2014 (2766 days ago)
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