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Flaunt "Have I Made My Point?"
ANTICODON Records describes their sound as "on one hand, unclassifiable, and yet united in its eclectic whole." Its impressive roster of artists find their inspiration from artists as diverse as Deerhunter, David Bowie, Agnes Obel, Atoms For Peace, and a wide variety of both inspirational and aspirational artists. Flaunt, and the new video "Have I Made My Point?" is one of those artists who at times might feel hard to pigeonhole, but once you combine all of their bits of house, ambient, pop, indie rock, and electronic music it all, somewhat surprisingly, comes out the other side sounding like one unique, cohesive experience. When we brought you their previous video for "Codon (Dipped In Ecstasty)" the reaction was a resounding affirmation that the unorthodox approach of Flaunt works, and works incredibly well. The "Hitchcock noir" clip was an escapist piece about a man searching for peace and understanding with propulsive beat underneath. For the new single "Have I Made My Point?" Flaunt has once again enlisted the talents of Justin Jennings to be the voice of the message, but this time the package is a decidedly more straightforward approach in terms of production and songwriting, creating a song that feels like it ripped straight from the soundtrack to an 80's dance pop revivalist soundtrack. The video begins with an exhausted corporate type packing his belongings in his dreary office, which consists of few things more than a computer monitor, some paperwork and a framed "Employee of the Month" certificate. Once he picks up to the box he realizes it's now empty, perhaps a metaphor for the hollowness of corporate life, and he is promptly transported to a coastal habitat. Some of his possessions have made the trip with him but he is quick to dispose of them, including launching a briefcase into a quiet inlet where he discovers an abandoned houseboat. This houseboat suits his needs just fine, and the smile on his face is proof that he's ready to let the 9-5 go and live a quiet life with nature. There's one last unwelcome guest that needs to be disposed of but after that it's a full embrace of this new way of life, and a new way of thinking.
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12.03.2014 (2805 days ago)
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