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Viral RNA isolation - An important perspective for detection of Coronavirus in asymptomatic and infected patients

Coronavirus Detection:

Coronavirus is spreading its infectivity and spread all over the world. COVID-19 symptomatic and asymptomatic patients are rising daily in different regions present all over the globe. In the absence of a vaccine, testing and tracing are two critical parameters to control coronavirus spread. Real-time PCR-based detection is the gold standard methodology that is being followed to detect coronavirus in infected and asymptomatic cases. Rapid antibody tests are also being conducted to identify if the particular individual had a prior infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. These tests can be used in different hotspots of the nation for surveillance purposes. Clinical Specimens containing viral samples are transported in Viral Transport Medium to prevent viral entity and integrity for the purpose of RNA isolation. Viral Transport Medium (VTM) provides optimum conditions for storage and transportation of the virus from collection sites to the designated testing laboratories.

Viral RNA Isolation:

After samples reach the designated laboratories in the VTM, the sample is processed for further analysis. Viral RNA isolation is the preliminary step that is performed for Real-Time PCR analysis. Genes2me, one of the pioneers in advanced molecular diagnostics, has made viral RNA isolation easier by introducing the Mag RNA-II Viral RNA isolation kit. This specific RNA isolation kit is designed for viral RNA isolation from coronavirus clinical specimens. The kit is NIV-ICMR validated, CE-IVD approved, GMP approved, ISO 13485 certified, and manufactured in highly advanced facility. The kit is based on magnetic nanoparticle technology that helps 95-100% recovery of viral RNA for Real-Time PCR experiments, which is performed for the confirmation of COVID-19 in suspected, asymptomatic, and infected patients. Magnetic particles help in removing out the impurities such as proteins and other particles and filter out good quality RNA. Ideal and optimum RNA is adsorbed on the surface of magnetic nanoparticles, while the impurities are removed without getting adsorbed on the magnetic nanoparticles. The kit can be used for manual as well as automated extraction of RNA. The kit provides optimum quantity and quality of RNA in quick turnaround time. Carrier RNA is also included in the kit, which helps in enhancing the quality of eluted RNA. RNA can be extracted from different clinical specimens such as human serum, oral and nasal swabs, and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid. Nucleic acid (RNA) can be derived from low content biological samples. The approximate cost of the kit is ₹160+GST. For more details, please visit

Storage Conditions:

The components of the Mag RNA-II Viral RNA isolation kit can be stored at 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. However, carrier RNA present in the kit needs to be stored -25to -15 degrees Celsius. The kit has a validity of 12 months.

Viral RNA Extraction and isolation is a crucial step in Coronavirus detection using Real-Time PCR technology. Genes2Me Mag RNA-II Viral RNA isolation kit provides optimum quality and quantity of viral RNA, which can be used for Real-Time PCR protocol. The kit will ease the process of COVID-19 diagnosis for hospitals and designated labs involved in COVID-19 testing.

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