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Viral Collect Transport Kit - An innovation that carries VTM for collection and transport of Coronavirus

Viral Collect Transport kit:

Transportation of virus that causes COVID-19 is a tedious task. Clinical specimens containing viruses should be handled optimally from the collection site to the designated COVID-19 testing laboratory. Mishandling of the clinical specimens containing viruses could be dangerous to the medical professionals involved in transportation. Different swabs are used for the collection of coronavirus samples from the infected and asymptomatic individuals. Genes2me, Viral Collect transport Kit makes this tedious task more manageable as it drives innovation and has viral transport medium (VTM) that helps in the collection and transportation of viruses.

Components of the Kit:

Genes2Me Viral Collect Transport Kit contains polyester swabs and VTM that helps in the transportation of COVID-19 samples. This specific ready to use kit is designed in such a way that it maintains virus viability and also transfer virus in active form for effective and high-quality RNA isolation. The polyester swab's specific and peculiar design makes superior for effective elution of sample in the viral transport medium. The kit consists of 100 sterile specimen collection polyester swabs and 50 tubes of Viral Transport Medium.

Viral Transport Medium (VTM):

VTM carries antibiotics and necessary buffers that help control the growth of unwanted microorganisms and maintain an ideal pH for the sustenance of the virus during transport. Gentamicin and Amphotericin B have been added to the medium that inhibits pathogenic microorganisms growth and proliferation. Sucrose forms an integral part as it plays a significant role in the maintenance of the medium's cryopreservative properties. The medium is isotonic, non-toxic, and does not pose any risk to host mammalian cells. This medium is also recommended by the Centre for Disease Control and World Health Organization for the collection and transportation of the virus that is responsible for causing COVID-19. 

Polyester Swabs:

Polyester swabs present in the kit have the capacity to capture a significant amount of virus samples. The peculiar design contains polyester fibres that help in the effective collection and release of specimens collected in the medium. A moulded breakpoint is also included in the swab that helps to be broken in the tube carrying viral transport medium.

Sample Collection:

Once the sample is collected, it should be immediately transferred to the viral transport medium. To preserve the virus's integrity and viability, the clinical specimen should be transferred to the designated laboratory as soon as possible. If possible, carry the samples with icepack to maintain the sample's integrity for a prolonged period of time. The samples should be stored at -70 degrees Celsius if there is an unexpected delay in transporting samples from the collection site to the processing laboratory.

Viral Collect Kit Accreditations:

Genes2Me Viral Collect Transport Kit is indigenously made ‘Make in India’ and has received accreditations and certifications from ICMR-NIV, CE IVD, GMP and ISO 13485.

For more details on Viral Collect kit, visit

About Genes2Me:

GENES2ME is committed in creating a center of excellence in precision genetic testing and analysis by continually improving its services so as to meet and exceed globally recognized standards and to maximize customer satisfaction. Genes2Me, established in 2016, is now one of the leading companies in Molecular Diagnostics space in India. We are NABL accredited Diagnostic Lab, headquartered in Gurgaon, with a PAN India presence and clientele. For more details visit

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