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 23-year-old country/pop singer-songwriter, mental health advocate, and recording artist Arizona Lindsey is releasing her highly anticipated new track “Anxiety” on all the major services February 13th. This is the first single from her new album “The Process” with co-producer Christine Sweeney, set for a Fall 2020 release. Lindsey’s debut, “The Castle You Built Me” came out in July of 2018 to critical acclaim.

      To support the record, she will be performing around upstate NY, NYC, Long Island, NC, LA (New Orleans) and Nashville. Ari will also be performing for the Montauk Music Festival this Spring.  Additionally Arizona has upcoming radio interviews on WUSB 90.1 FM – Stony Brook, NY and WHPC 90.3 FM - Garden City, NY where “Anxiety” has been receiving regular advance airplay. Follow Ari’s Facebook page to keep up with upcoming shows added to her 2020 tour ( and her Instagram for new behind the scenes content and livestreams ( 

         With her sweet-sounding voice, passionate vocal performance, and heartfelt and powerful lyricism, it’s no wonder that Arizona Lindsey has been captivating audiences attention worldwide. 

      Appearing in multiple live interviews and performances, Arizona has been a featured artist on radio stations across the east coast such as Last-FM, Blast-FM, WUSB Homegrown Long Island, Granite Coast Entertainment Inc., and WHPC Rising Stars. The video for “Close the Window,” Lindsey’s popular single from The Castle You Built Me, was filmed and directed by seven-time Emmy award winner, Chris Sassano. Her single “The Desired Way” and its’ music video was recently featured on IndieArtist TV (Roku Music Streaming Channel). 

     As a passionate mental health advocate and growing public figure, Lindsey also works to de-stigmatize mental health and promote wellness and empowerment.  To reach others about these important messages, she writes about mental health in her music and conducts open conversations with her fan-base on social media.

      Known as “Ari” by her closest fans and friends, she speaks openly to them about her goals and experiences. Ari remarked, “I want to open conversation in communities about mental health, wellness, and how to build stronger support systems. No matter what it is you are going through, you are never alone. It does get better, but it’s certainly a process. My work as an advocate and artist is to help people through that process; for the good parts and the really challenging ones.”

       Recently, Lindsey was the winner of the Gold Coast Arts Center’s Your Big Break Competition, performed for the Montauk Music Festival, and played at the Hudson Valley’s annual “Music Networking Conference”. She was also selected by former VP of Warner Chappell Music, Judy Stakee, as a songwriter for her company’s songwriting retreat. Arizona has more East Coast and national dates planned for 2020. 


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