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Tina Tara - Wanna Be - Official Music Video
With the release of “Wanna Be”, Austrian born Pop artist,Tina Tara is defiantly proclaiming that no matter what anyone says, she is going to be who she wants to be and she encourages her viewers to feel empowered and be what they want to be. That independence declaration is being lived out as she is moving from the UK to the US to continue her writing/recording and shooting additional videos. She is also planning for an upcoming tour in 2021. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Spotify: Instagram: Itunes: YouTube: TikTok: Label: Independent ISRC: USHM82079819 Song IPI# PRS/Tunecode: 417891LM Songwriters: Tina Tara / Anthony Goldsbrough / Marcia Sondeijker Songwriters’ IPI#: PRS# 698977834 / PRS# 602785060 / BMI# 591681028 Publisher: Tina Tara / Anthony Goldsbrough / Go Coconuts Music Publisher IPI#: PRS# 698977834 / PRS# 602785060 / BMI# 1002566996
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  •  Anonymous: 

    Very compelling and the type of song that goes through your head for days, but you don't mind at all.   Excellent.  

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  •  Anonymous: 

    WOW. Great video. Imaginative, visually stunning and engaging, with a cool song and a positive message. We need more of this. Solid artist!

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  •  Admin: 

    Tina has set the bar for ALL DIY Artists with this new video. She is a writer, producer, video editor, director, stylist, designer AND MUSICAL ARTIST! 

    The magic is that she excels at ALL of her talents!

    She is well on her way down the path ( in her own way of course!!!>>> she is NOT a Wanna be lol:)) blazed by Justina Valentine...another IndiMusic TV Artist that was launched here and has gone on to global stardom. Justina is currently starring in the hit TV show "Wild n OUT" on Viacom's MTV with Nick Cannon ( Maria Carey's Ex husband).

    2 points
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08.21.2020 (727 days ago)
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