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The Florin Street Band - My Favourite Time of Year – This is an enchanting Christmas video set in England in the late 19th Century. Townsfolk celebrate the advent of Christmas in a Lantern-lit street scene. Snowflakes fall as a brass band plays, carol singers serenade and children play. Some background on the Music & the video: Once the song was finished, the first step was to book the musicians that would accompany me on the recording - and collectively be called The Florin Street Band. I asked some of my musician friends, found a session string section and contacted The English Chamber Choir to see if they'd be willing to perform backing vocals. I then got in touch with one of the few studios in London with a live room big enough to accomodate the choir - Trevor Horn's Sarm Studios. I booked a week in July and worked with Trevor's chief engineer Tim Weidner. I produced the song myself and co-mixed it with Tim and, after a mammoth mix session lasting 16 hours, the version that you hear was finished. By coincidence, the live room at Sarm studios was also used to record Band Aid in 1984, and we even borrowed Trevor Horn's personal set of sleigh bells! The next step was to make the Victorian music video I had in mind.... Artist Website: Artist Facebook: Artist Twitter: Artist Artists iTunes: ISRC Code: GBJ8T1000003 Song IPI: T-906.639.151-3 Songwriters IPI: PRS# 288 398 892 Used with full permission of artist and label -----------------------
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