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Tammy - GOD and a JOB
Tammy is the Founder and Creator of #TGIT “Thank God It’s Today!” She is a Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Social Media Influencer, Vlogger, and Inspirational Speaker. She is a Domestic Abuse Survivor. After nearly being killed by her husband, Tammy decided to transform her pain into gain. Her passion is to bring awareness to domestic abuse and to bring positivity and hope to people all over the world each day. Her goal is to help one person each day to be grateful for TODAY as that may be our last day. Her first single “God and a Job” has gained critical acclaim and seen hundreds of thousands of fans flock to her music worldwide. For Tammy, it seems that her butterfly is coming to life right before everyone’s eyes. Making these memories are just a small part of the forever she always dreamed of as a small girl, and this story, which is only at the start, will unfold chapter by chapter as a true life fairytale. Tammy is “Changing The World Authentically!” “Tammy, founder of the #TGIT “Thank God It’s Today!” movement, makes a remarkable entry into the music world with her debut single “God And A Job”. A survivor of domestic abuse, Tammy transforms her pain into strength through her music, her influence on social networks and her inspiring speeches. Her video, an anthem of independence and empowerment, resonates with the powerful lyrics: “IF YA AIN’T GOT G O D AND A REAL J O B THEN BABY WE’VE DONE REACHED THE END OF THE LINE”. It’s a bold statement that highlights not only her resilience but also her commitment to promoting positivity and hope. - Marie Blanc, SlashMusic Website: Facebook: (61K followers) Instagram: (28.7K followers) Twitter: (1.26K followers) Spotify: (15,675 monthly listeners) Label: MC1 Nashville TRT: 3:11 ISRC: OM4TW2499487 Song IPI# BMI# 62524009 Songwriters: Tammy Smith / Corey Lee Barker Songwriters’ IPI#: BMI# 1199130149 / BMI# 354761351 Publisher: Corey Lee Publishing Publisher IPI#: BMI# 358826421
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    Tammy's story is a beacon of hope that shines in a world where many have suffered through abusive and painful relationships.

    It's also a story of the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. He can make all things new. And he can heal even the most broken of broken hearts.

    God bless you Tammy! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts with us, Keep shining that light!



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04.29.2024 (28 days ago)
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