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Soul Circus Cowboys - Last Train Running
Coalescing an eclectic array of musical tastes, influences, and styles with their diverse life experiences, Florida-based band Soul Circus Cowboys have cemented themselves as the band to watch in 2021 and beyond. Formed in Tampa by lead singer and songwriter Billy McKnight in 2009, the successful independent artist teamed up with producer Henry Paul to get his writing start. Together, they went on to refine the Soul Circus Cowboys sound, with a vision revolving around larger-than-life performances and gasoline-drenched Southern Country Rock. Today, Billy is currently collaborating with producer and Grammy award-winning songwriter Frank Myers as he continues to write and record new music for Soul Circus Cowboys’ upcoming album, anticipated in February of 2023. The band consists of frontman Billy McKnight, who is joined by the powerful voice of singer and rhythm guitarist Dewey Buxton, lead guitarist Ron Zebron (three-time winner of the Mid Atlantic Best Rock Guitarist award), Tampa bass legend Dan Turner on bass guitar, and the powerhouse Steven O’Reilly on drums. The band has been continuously praised by fans and critics for their astute musicianship. Their productions have become known as a diverse collection of sounds, styles, and captivatingly well-told stories, with every song crafted by the literary talents of Billy McKnight. Each band member’s past is deeply interwoven with the resulting sound of the project, and the combination of their backgrounds and talents has put them on a collective path that is undoubtedly going to take this band to an even greater level of success. They’re thoroughly genuine. They’re phenomenally talented. They’re the Soul Circus Cowboys. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Spotify: Label: Kismet Nashville TRT: 4:18 ISRC: USBAE2296895 Song IPI# BMI# 8504125 Songwriters: Walter Brant/Bill Brant/Keith Volpone/Frank Myers Songwriters’ IPI#: SESAC# 240527200/#240527496/#349948403/BMI# 49543462 Publisher: Sixteen Stars Music / Frank Myers Music / One Madking Publishing Publisher IPI#: BMI# 431355583/#232613992 / ASCAP# 436975907
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04.04.2023 (172 days ago)
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