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Shantell Ogden - The Road That Drives Me (Official Music Video) - Shantell Ogden has a gift for crafting songs with real conviction and emotion. Her gift, combined with a work ethic gained from growing up on a farm, is paying dividends. Shantell's songs have received airplay on more than 800 country and Americana radio stations internationally, reaching Top 2 chart positions both in the U.S. and Europe. Her songs have also appeared on the CW's TV series Hart of Dixie and in several feature films. As a performing Americana artist, Shantell has been praised by Maverick Magazine (UK), Performer Magazine, Music News Nashville, For the Country Record and other notable media. She's won multiple awards including Songwriter of the Year and Americana Song of the Year ("Ghosts in the Field") in the 2015 IMEA Awards, and Americana Album of the Year for Better at Goodbye in the 2014 IMEA Awards. Shantell tours internationally from her home in Nashville, Tennessee. When at home, she's known for keeping her front door open and a song drifting down the street. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Itunes: Label: Hip Farm Chick Records ISRC: USBAE1692699 Song IPI# SESAC#14151439 Songwriters: Shantell Ogden / Bill DiLuigi / Marcum Stewart Songwriters’ IPI#: SESAC#00558070933 / 00794380208 / 00182387842 Publisher: Homestead Hits / 888 King Music / Rhyme Partnerz / Otter Rapids Music Publisher IPI#: SESAC# 00777802698 / 00794380306 / 00772929988 / 00650183857
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04.11.2017 (2119 days ago)
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