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The Nickel Slots - Old Guitar
AMERICANA WITH ATTITUDE, WHERE COUNTRY, ROCK & ROLL AND PUNK MEET! Website: From the album "Let It Ride." Video directed by Jason Knight ( and Sean Kime ( Local musicians, family, and friends featured in the “Old Guitar” music video: About the band: The Nickel Slots, an alt-country, Americana-styled roots rock band out of Sacramento, California, take you on a journey through hard times and desperation that always carries hope that better things are just around the corner. With influences from early roots Americana music as well as a touch of rebellious ’70s punk, The Nickel Slots draw the line that connects Johnny Cash to The Clash. From the sentimental folk tune to the foot-stomping, raucous sing-along, their alt-country rock songs bring you back to a long-lost memory or shared experience of pain, joy, heartache, love, hope, and redemption. Lead singer and acoustic guitarist Tony Brusca writes songs that tell unique stories and has a knack for connecting with audiences. Bassist and mandolin player Paul Zinn’s backing vocals add an extra dimension to Tony’s melodies and his bass lines just can’t sit still. Christopher Amaral, The Nickel Slots’ versatile drummer, lays down train beats and adds distinctive power to the band’s sound. His brother, award-winning electric guitarist Steve Amaral, throws down tasteful licks that dance across the line between rock and country. ### Artist Website: Artist MySpace: Artist Twitter: Artist Facebook:
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01.09.2018 (1855 days ago)
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