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Lefroy - Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Official Music Video)
Many versions of this classic rock song have been presented to the world, but none quite like the Mini-Movie produced by Lefroy “Our remake of Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door was made out of love and from the heart, never looking to make money off this release. Our goal was always to bring unity and aid in the fight against type 1 diabetes. We ask that you help by donating to JDRF - Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation who are dedicated to finding a cure. Click this link to donate:” Barry Lefroy is a well respected Canadian bass player having played with famous bands in the 70’s and a successful business entrepreneur. He is also the mastermind behind the debut song/video/band Lefroy, having first come up with the idea of remaking Bob Dylan's classic, "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" in a way it had never been heard before. Barry had been seeing the extreme unrest in our country and his goal with the project overall was to help bring unity through a video that embraces peace and compassion. He brought these ideas to his son, also named Barry, and his son's close friends, Paul Susanka and Kevan Wallace (audio engineer/drummer). They began working on the project with Barry Sr acting as executive producer, closely collaborating with Paul (directing) to display the vision for the sound they were about to complement. While making the video, Barry realized the song could bring meaning and hope to those diagnosed with diabetes and is passionate about making a contribution to research and finding the ultimate cure. Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Label: Stallion Records ISRC: US2C31711001 Song IPI# SESAC# 514919 Songwriters: Bob Dylan / Paul Susanka Songwriters’ IPI#: SESAC# 00008955172 Publisher: Ram-S-Horn Music Publisher IPI#: SESAC# 00060778367
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03.14.2018 (1573 days ago)
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