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Nerves Baddington "Addict"
**OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO** from Nerves Baddington - "Addict" The whole world is addicted to one thing or another and NB invites you to discover your inner-addict and embrace your fleshly desires. One day at a time. It works if you work it. Keep comin' back! directed by: Jason Hamric filmed by: Michael "Bear" Praytor produced by: Lindsay Ellinas **PLEASE LIKE AND COMMENT - FOR MORE, VISIT:
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  •  Anonymous: 

    Both Ryan and John are  brilliant musicians and the beats and music that flows with the words that spit out of Ryan's mouth are freakin dope!! Nerves Baddington is by far one of the best local bands in the southeast and the sky is the limit for these guys!!!

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  •  Anonymous: 

    Great song and video! These guys are about to BLOW UP!!!

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  •  Anonymous: 

    If you have a chance to see these guys live I promise you will enjoy. First time I saw Nerves Baddington  was at a important yearly event we have in Birmingham called Secret Stages a couple of years ago and have followed them ever since. Proud to say they are one of my favorite local performers.

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04.27.2016 (2412 days ago)
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