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Bobby Palermo - Make America Great Again - Bobby Palermo is a singer / songwriter from Florida who shares a passion that so many American's share. He wants to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. He wrote this heartfelt single and has just completed this amazing video for it. According to Bobby, "While watching Fox News a couple of years ago, Donald Trump came on and the first words out of his mouth were “(I am going to) "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN." The songwriter in me instantly snapped to attention and I shut the TV off, went into my office studio and my wife, Valerie and I wrote this song in an hour. At that time, we had no idea Trump was going to be running for president. We wrote the song because we are tired of the direction that our Great Country is going and we want our country to go back to the values and morals that built America and made it Great. This song was not written with a specific political agenda in mind. Also, though this is Trump's political mantra, we wrote it before the title was his theme and movement. WE WROTE IT FOR ALL AMERICA." Being a Naval veteran of the Vietnam War, Bobby was very honored to be able to have footage of the Navy’s Blue Angels included in his video. Like so many Americans, our military demonstration teams like the Blue Angels travel the country and help remind Americans that the strength of our nation lies in the sacrifices of our veterans. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #MakeAmericaGreat #BlueAngels #AmericaFirst Artist Website: Artist Facebook: Artist Twitter: Artists CD Baby: Label: Bobby Palermo Music Song IPI: BMI# 10708197 Songwriters: Bobby Joseph Palermo Songwriters IPI: BMI# 519368332 Publishers: Bobby Joseph Palermo Publisher IPI: BMI# 519368332
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07.21.2016 (2219 days ago)
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