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Lotus Crush "Hearts and Minds"
For full C Thomas Howell performance check out the theatrical version here. Performed By: Lotus Crush Cavigold Records LLC Single now available here Directed, Shot, Edited By: Tylor Jones Executive Producer: Scott Mckinley Assistant Director: Izzy Corey Starring: C. Thomas Howell as Dictator Davey Oberlin as Rebel Leader Ronee Collins as Officer Conroy Emily Ferguson as Rebel Woman James D Grixoni as Rebel Driver Erin Reitz as Rebel Harborer S.W.A.T Team: Kyle Christensen Zachary Fuchs Jared Lippold Nolan Martin Donor Cameos/Civilians: Kathleen Ranney Bindon Mary Nettlow Camera Assistants: A.j. Salvador, Lucas Chapel Production Sound Mixer: Arlo Ballard Assistant Editor: Tierney Andrew Composer: Louie Del Rey Special Thanks To: Pledge Music Donors KING 5 - New Day Northwest Tammie & Ed Jones
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    Terry McDermott's voice does not cease to amaze me. This song with his former band features his beautiful voice but also incorporates a nice, edgy rock feel. The instrumentalists and vocalist mesh well together. I recommend this to anyone who appreciates good rock music.

    Want a challenging and fun game to play on your computer? Try sudoku. I've been playing for months now but it's so hard to master.

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05.01.2015 (2774 days ago)
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