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A vibrant and vivacious superstar in the making on a mission to put Austin on the map as a pop metropolis. Though Kady has been pursuing music from an early age, it became an all-consuming passion in 2014 after an abusive relationship almost cost her her life. Kady refused to let that experience get the best of her and so she channeled her newly reinvigorated appreciation for life into her art and hoped her transformation and perseverance both personally and artistically would serve as inspiration for others.
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  •  Anonymous: 

    Well, people are always ready to be mingle but they never understand the hurdles of any relationship. And after some time they finally face those things. This article is a best example of these kinds of relationship which spoiled your life. By reading this you will sort out your problems.

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  •  CitySoundsTV: 

    see Kady at the Austin City Limits Music Festival 

    on the VRBO stage.

    Sunday October 13th at 11:45AM

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  •  CitySoundsTV: 

    With a knack for crafting lyrics and melodies that are irresistibly charming and sharp in equal measure, Kady Rain's music is the kind of pop that you don't mind having stuck in your end indefinitely, and her outrageous stage presence and rainbow have made her a consistent live draw in Austin and beyond. Rain's sonic diversity, from woeful ballads detailing her tumultuous past to party bangers that everyone can't help but sing along to, has allowed her to find fans across the musical spectrum, and her skill at connecting to listeners by being so open about her own narrative ensures they stick around. As a result, Kady Rain's debut EP, All I Ever Wanted, led to Wolf in a Suit naming her one of the Top Five New Indie Queen's of Music with both Ovrld and likewise heralding her as "Austin's next megastar." In 2018, NPR followed suit, proclaiming Kady's single "R.A.D. Moves" as their song of the summer for 2018.

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10.04.2019 (1006 days ago)
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