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JunaNJoey - Mary Did You Know
This amazing song about the enormity of who the Christ child was when he was delivered of Mary is submitted here for your consideration for your Christmas / Holiday playlists. Juna’s incredibly strong and emotional vocal delivery is expertly woven in with her brother, Joey’s vocal performance that gives a new light to this Christmas / Holiday favorite! Blessed with a musical lineage, both grandfathers were professionals, one in a famous country band and the other an opera singer, this brother and sister country pop duo were destined since birth to be performers. These Palm Beach, FL natives have honed their skills with classical training and musical theory at the prestigious Dreyfoos School of the Arts. They have attracted the attention of fans and the entertainment industry alike. On any given weekend you will find them playing all around Southern Florida. In 2020, they will be touring up the East Coast as well as across the South. Juna, the charismatic singer/songwriter and acoustic guitarist is also a profoundly deep writer, given her age. Joey is the lead guitarist/keyboard player, with heartthrob looks and impressive vocal range/harmonies. Juliana ‘Juna’ Defeo (lead vocalist, songwriter, pianist and guitar player) has a sweet and compassionate soul. Juna is full of energy and takes control of the stage and her fans. You can find Juna cooking and baking when she finds some free time despite the fact that she has a full schedule of school, work and practice. With amazing dreams, hopes and aspirations she loves hanging out with friends and snapping photos outdoors. Nashville is a place she loves to visit and her motto is “If you want it , you have to work for it!” Her favorite artists are Tegan Marie and Adele who give her inspiration. With a love for her family, she aspires to help feed children, giving them happiness and a safe home. Joey Defeo (vocalist, guitar player, saxophonist, keyboard player & songwriter) kind hearted, funny and cool. Joey takes over with his instrumental talents. Taking the lead on his innate ability to create music you can find him relaxing while he composes riffs on his guitar. Working hard and playing hard Joey can’t wait to hit the music scene in Nashville and go on tour. His competitive nature brings him the drive to have a “Top Hit” as he strives to take his creative talents to the stage. His favorite artists are Brett Young and Bruno Mars who have guided him on his musical journey. He truly gives his parents all the credit for guiding him to his true passion. Joey’s motto is “Work hard, play hard.” Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Spotify: Label: River Run Records ISRC: TCRAEK1983982 Song IPI# ASCAP# 430431857 Songwriters: Mark Lowry / Lee Green Songwriters’ IPI#: ASCAP# 75045190 / ASCAP# 126443589 Publisher: Curb Word Music / Rufus Music Publisher IPI#: ASCAP# 387853600 / ASCAP# 129159858
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12.13.2019 (979 days ago)
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