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Joe Loftis - When I Get To Heaven - Joe Loftus is a story-minded songwriter who plays Christian country music. His songs are inspired by everyday experiences and spreads his passion for the Lord throughout his songs. Joe uses his years of experience with his acoustic guitar to play enjoyable music for all audiences. His music has a lively sound complimented by passionate and inspiring lyrics. The biblically-based and life inspired songs Joe writes and sings make it easy for audiences to relate to him while his melodious voice is comforting as well. When Joe Loftus performs at an event, you can tell that his desire is to lift up the name of Jesus. Throughout his travels he has experienced a very successful and God-inspired journey as he shares prayer and gospel through his songs. Wherever Joe performs, he is always well received by country fans and non-country fans alike. You will be encouraged, comforted and challenged when you listen to Joe play his songs. Joe's mission is to help those in need with his music. His desire is that God will use his songs to lift burdens from the hurting and pour out His blessings on all who listen. Don’t miss this inspiring and talented musician! Official Music video, used with full permission of artist/label
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04.06.2015 (2644 days ago)
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