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Leslie Ann Lefroy - Dream Is You (Official Music Video)
Leslie grew up in the small town of Wayzata, Minnesota, a small town west of Minneapolis, in a modest home on one of Minnesota’s many lakes. She's always enjoyed fishing and being what she calls “a regular country girl.” Leslie couldn't help but get involved in music—her husband is a renowned musician and her son took to music at an early age as well, and the near-constant presence of music in her family made her want to add her unique voice as well. “I have so many influences—starting with the 60’s and 70’s sound, but I love country and rock ballads too,” she explains. Currently living in California, Leslie loves to spend time on her ranch with her horses. She is a true animal advocate, having assisted on numerous animal rescue projects. Leslie also runs a Facebook page with her Yorkie Liddleman called "Liddleman's World," which was the result of a trying time in her life. She had moved back to Minnesota for two years to help her father through Alzheimer’s and dementia, and started the page as an upbeat and optimistic outlet. It continues to gain in popularity, and Leslie would love for everybody to follow that too! Facebook:
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03.14.2019 (71 days ago)
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