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Douglas Riley - That Muddy Water (Official Music Video)
Hello, my name is Douglas Riley. I was born in Goshen, Indiana on February 10th, 1982. Growing up in my parents house, we attended church on a regular basis. One of my first memories was of my mother playing classical music on an upright piano in the house – she played well, and I enjoyed listening. Eventually, I began taking piano lessons from a nice lady when I was in elementary school. My pursuit of music continued in high school, where I joined the marching band. This lasted until I noticed there were more girls in choir than in marching band. The following year I quit the marching band and joined the choir. I enjoyed both the marching band and choir and learned a lot from my classmates and the instructors. I knew I wanted to move to Nashville after high school to pursue a career as a musician, but I didn’t have the nerve to make the move at that time. I attended Ball State University in Muncie, IN for one year. I met a group of guys while at Ball State and we had formed a band. After a show in September, 2001, I remember getting ready to make the drive back to Goshen. I was driving up to the entrance ramp to Interstate 69 near Fairmont, IN where we had performed the night before. I-69 runs north and south there. North would have meant returning home to Goshen, and south would mean heading to Nashville. I was at a crossroads in my life – literally. At the last minute, I turned the truck onto the entrance ramp to I-69 South and headed to Nashville. I did not tell my parents. I remember having about $200, a change of clothes, and to top it all off, the fuel gauge in the truck did not work. With the help of some relatives, I was able to find an apartment and not long after that I got a job. I was excited to be in Nashville. I finally made the move I'd dreamt of making all this time. In the years that have passed since I first moved to Nashville, it feels like things are finally beginning to come together. I’m playing music full-time on Lower Broadway in Downtown Nashville and the shows are going well. I have a manager who is instrumental in daily operations of the band It’s been a wild ride, and I look forward to many more years of writing and recording new music, as well as playing many more live shows. I feel like the best way to experience my music is by attending a live show, so please join us someday soon. Until then, God bless you, and thank you for your interest in my music. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Spotify: Label: Douglas Riley Music ISRC: USTME2000012 Song IPI# ASCAP# 906608285 Songwriters: Douglas Riley Songwriters’ IPI#: ASCAP# 497926977 Publisher: Douglas Riley Music Publisher IPI#: ASCAP# 1016888152
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    Thank you IndiMusic.TV for supporting my music!  I appreciate it. 


    Douglas Riley

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09.17.2020 (395 days ago)
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