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Dad + Daughter - A Christmas Song
The Christmas Song America needs! Fresh, new, traditional and fun. Appeal is 25-49 Women and kids of all ages. Produced by radio personality Jack Hicks and his daughter Lara Hicks. This song was written when another disc jockey challenged Jack to write a song as good or better than Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmas Time." In a local on-air head-to-head "battle", Dad + Daughter came out ahead of Paul. Short, sweet, fun and hokey, this is THE Christmas song of the 2019 season! Facebook: Label: Monarch Productions ISRC: TCAEL1925205 Song IPI# BMI# 31461519 Songwriters: Mark Hicks / Lara Hicks Songwriters’ IPI#: BMI# 863132153 / BMI# 866528594 Publisher: Mark Hicks / Lara Hicks Publisher IPI#: BMI# 866528594
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10.29.2019 (332 days ago)
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