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Butterfly - Lizzie Sider - THE STORY BEHIND MY SONG, "BUTTERFLY" Bullying is a huge problem right now. Whether it's verbally or physically, many kids are getting affected one way or another. I went through it to some degree when I was in elementary school. During that time, some of the kids were mean... really mean to me. I was different. I was more mature and acted older and talked like I was older. And, for example, I loved to sing. I was excluded from games and playing at recess. I would always be singing. Sometimes, to tease me, the kids, at recess, would come up to me and ask me to sing for them. So, I would sing. And then they would run away and make fun of me. Many days I came home crying. Finally, one day my dad said to me, "Nobody has the power to ruin your day." He said it a few more times. I took that statement to heart. Finally, I began to understand what my dad meant. I started to find the strength to be proud of myself and to overcome the teasing. Then, I wrote a song about my experience; about finding the strength to rise above the teasing and the nasty behavior. And now, I hope that my Butterfly song will inspire other kids that have been knocked down, to listen to this song and that it will help give them the courage and the strength to rise up and to overcome whatever mistreatment or misfortune they have experienced.
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10.06.2012 (3712 days ago)
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