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Someone I Can't Live Without - "Someone I Can't Live Without" by Reggie Shaw Reggie Shaw, raised in Overton, Nebraska, found his passion for country music during a life changing event. At the young age of 14, Reggie was hit by a car while riding his bike. After nine surgeries, he was introduced to the "powerful and meaningful" message of country music through Garth Brook's hit, "The Dance." With a full recovery and encouragement from his family, Reggie pursued his musical talent and discovered his uncanny ability for songwriting and performing. Reggie moved to Nashville soon after graduation, where he had the fortunate opportunity to meet songwriter and future friend, Eric Durrance. Five of the ten songs on Reggie's debut album "Living In The Fast Lane" on Wynnesong Records were written by Reggie and Eric. The new national single, "Someone I Can't Live Without," written by Eric Durrance, Marc Beeson and Don Pfrimmer, is about learning to let go of what no longer has meaning in life and making room for what does. "Someone I Can't Live Without" is getting positive reviews from country radio programmers and fans across the nation. "This pulsing country rocker boasts a tight arrangement, a clear production and straightforward drive. His vocal about facing a complicated romance rings with conviction. A winner." Robert K. Oermann, Music Row Album Living In the Fast Lane Label: Wynnesong Records Songwriters: Eric Durrance, Marc Beeson, Don Pfrimmer Director: Adrian David Payne <b>...</b>
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09.13.2012 (3734 days ago)
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