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Baby I Try for You - Tim Sweeney - The background of the song relates to my son (the little kid in the pumpkin suit in the video), who was born with Down Syndrome and Autism and never developed the ability to talk. When he was a baby and for many years after, he had difficulty sleeping so I would sing him to sleep (which is how I started signing). He liked "Home on the Range" and then I started making up my own songs to sing to him. Unfortunately, because of the extent of his disabilities, he has never developed the ability to talk or use sign language. He also requires a great deal of care. Like other parents, we always wanted him to say mom or dad or I love you, and one night I was thinking about that, and he inspired me to write this song, "Baby I Try For You" which is really him trying to tell his mom how much he loves her for all the care she gives him. It also was a promise from me to him that I would try for him - so Baby I try for You has two meanings in the song. Now sometimes songs take days or weeks to write, but I literally just sang this song to him and it took less than 30 minutes. I never even wrote it down for years but sang it to him every night. Then I wrote it down and threw it in a drawer with other songs I had written down. When I decided to record the song and do the video, I had been watching American Sign Language videos on Youtube and really loved the interpretation and beauty of that language. So the sign language adds an element of beauty and artistic expression. It also imparts a greater meaning to the video that I came to understand about people and life - too often people look at people for what they can't do, and he has taught me that the only important thing is to focus on what people can do. People have different abilities not necessarily disabilities and success is not necessarily how much you accomplish in life but how and what you can inspire others to accomplish. With this song and video, I am trying to get that message out and at the same time show people that my son can have great success, not in only what he does but what he can inspire in others. Facebook: Youtube: iTunes: ISRC# QMNPR1200004 BMI Work# 15186991 BMI IPI# 182251877
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06.14.2013 (3095 days ago)
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