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VIDEO VIEWING URL: DOWNLOAD VIDEO FILES: Broadcast: Small Broadcast: Web: WAV File: Eskridge started playing in the local bars and honky-tonks at the age of 16, and throughout college and early adult years, in various bands in the Lexington, Ky area. At one point, working with a few record labels in the early 90’s in Nashville, he garnered the stage at the Grand Ole Opry, had a Saturday night at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop, as well as the old Stock Yard and Bull Pen Lounge – where he played frequently with the George Jones Band. In the midst - kids, career and a need to be at home, he focused on a career that was out of the music path, but still played locally for the next 25 years. After a 25-year absence from Nashville, Eskridge returned to writing and playing regularly with his band Southern Daze. Known for their southern rock style, guitars and harmonies, they’re a favorite in the Central Kentucky area. In the past year, a renewed focus has launched two new EP releases, Robert Eskridge – My Destiny, which launched in January 2019, and Robert Eskridge – Simple Things. Both are steadily making tracks into mainstream country music. One of the tracks from the My Destiny EP, Buck Wild and Whiskey Crazy is tracking up the New Music Weekly and other mainstream Country Music Charts. People love the energy and the rich tone of his vocals and compare him to an older style country with a new / modern sound – which was exactly what he thought! Website: Facebook: Spotify: Label: Bucket List Records ISRC: TCAEA1831959 Song IPI# BMI# 30533220 Songwriters: Horace Robert Eskridge III Songwriters’ IPI#: BMI# 00371290077 Publisher: Horace Robert Eskridge III Publisher IPI#: BMI# 00371290077
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06.14.2019 (1161 days ago)
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