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naples to pompeii tour

Cheap Travel in the Amalfi Coast Region of Italy naples to pompeii tour


 I visited the Amalfi Coast in February, during a period of unusually cold weather in southern Italy, with temperatures barely above freezing. Our group went to Italy to meet tour and hotel operators, explore the area, meet locals, and learn about the culture there. A seaside hotel in the small town of Meta, about 10 minutes from Sorrento, served as our base.


Sorrento is in the heart of the Amalfi region, just an hour south of Naples. It has a friendly population, a long history, streets lined with shops and cafes, and interesting alleyways. To keep warm, we found inexpensive pashminas. Olive oil is cheap, and you can find lemon products like candles, lotions, football-sized lemons, and limoncella, the local liquor.


The lemon and orange trees were bursting with fruit even in February. If you see lemons growing on an orange tree, you might think you're seeing something. You aren't! In order to produce fruit more quickly, farmers may graft seedlings onto established trees at times. There are groves of olive trees everywhere, and nets are rolled up, ready to be spread out again to gather the harvest from the following season.


The Amalfi Coast was our focus for the entire day. I was captivated by the stunning sea view at every turn as we traveled along State Road 163, which was perched high above the sheer cliffs. We drove by tiny towns whose houses were clinging to the steep slopes. With its narrow, steep alleys, Positano invites you to the shops to browse the local wares, beachwear, bags, and even custom sandals while you wait.


Ravello, a peaceful and charming town, was my favorite stop. Another treasure can be found at any turn. We found hidden gardens, old villas, and the sparkling sea below always. The most enchanting combination of old buildings and beautiful gardens is Villa Rufolo. It may give you the same sense of peace that inspired Wagner and DH Lawrence to write some of their best works. Each mid year a phase is worked out over the bluff for the ensemble to play out their recognition for Wagner. From behind closed doors, Wagner's distant melodies taunted us as we toured the once-rich Villa Rufolo.


We take a day trip to Pompeii, which has been covered in cinders and ashes for almost 1700 years. When Vesuvius blew its top in AD 79, Pompeii's inhabitants were unable to continue their daily lives. Strangely enough, the city seems to come to life as you walk its ancient streets! You can still see the signs of life, like the tracks left by chariot wheels in the cobblestone streets, public fountains, and the lead pipes that once brought water to every house. You can also see the meat and fish markets, bakery ovens, shops, and tavernas that used to line the once-busy streets.


The majority of Pompeii's artifacts, including intricate mosaics, statues, kitchen utensils, glassware, and even a lady's make-up box with powders and brushes still intact, can be seen at the Archaeological Museum in Naples.


A short move up the precarious cindery way to Vesuvius' cavity will provide you with a superior thought of the power of that strong ejection. I was so small when the clouds parted as I marveled at one of God's most powerful natural forces.


The Italians unquestionably know how to eat well. We spent an intriguing morning at a nearby farm learning about olive pressing and cheese making. Making and eating our own wood-fired pizzas was the highlight.

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