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WhatsApp for Insurance Sector — Salesforce ( Powered by ValueText)

ValueText facilitates German Insurance Claims on WhatsApp for a leading Insurance Provider.

A leading German Insurance provider relies on conventional methods for verification of accident claims, which are slow and tedious. They are looking for a more efficient method of verifying accident claims to streamline their process and make the settlement process faster for the customer.

Their entire business runs on Salesforce and with the Help of the ValueText App, they have automated the above use cases.

ValueText is the top-rated & first SMS & WhatsApp app for Salesforce which is having many features to fulfill all your use cases.

1.One to one live conversation.

2. Automation of Texting.

3. Bulk messages.

4. Texting from reports.

5. Schedule messages.

6. Drip campaign.

7. Bots & survey

8. Many more

There are few use cases you can easily handle like

a. End to end case management.

b. Appointment automation.

c. Service order assignment.

d. Sales & service.

e. Fast communication for sales and service.

f. Homes sales communication.

Below is one example of how you can handle complete case management?

You can find more information about ValueText for pricing & functions at —

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