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Automate Business Processes with Salesforce Tools

Business processes can be simple, complex, and sometimes repetitive. Have you ever wondered how the time of your teams and users can be better utilized for more strategic tasks? Wouldn’t it be great if there were a platform that lets you automate tasks and that is trustworthy? Enter Salesforce! The leading CRM software that lets all the magic happen “behind the scenes” leaving you with more important tasks that add value to your business.
How you ask? Salesforce has a host of automation tools that help you automate all kinds of business processes, visual experiences, approvals, notifications, escalations, and more. Furthermore, the software needs little to no coding knowledge and works with simple point-and-click actions. To realize the advanced features of these automation tools and complex customizations, you can always rely on ITCrats. You can see an example of our work with Salesforce in one of our previous blogs on Salesforce

Data Visualizations.

There is no one size fits all, and that is true for Salesforce Automation tools as well. The tool you use depends on the process you want to automate. Let’s have a look at what Salesforce has to offer.

Workflow Rules

Workflow rules are possibly the most recognized and oldest tool available in the software. It may be limited in functionality compared to other tools, but it is extremely easy to use and dependable.

What you can do with it

  • Update a field
  • Create a task
  • Send an email
  • Send an outbound message

With a Salesforce Centre of Excellence, ITCrats is the right partner for you to make the most of the Workflow Rules automation tool. Contact ITCrats to know how you can implement Salesforce solutions in your organization.

While Workflow Rules has its uses, your business processes can definitely not be limited to simple true, and false operations! You can look towards Process Builder for more advanced features.

Process Builder
Process builder is a more recent tool that is really, as Salesforce would put it, “a multi-decision workflow rule on steroids!” This tool allows for a huge amount of functionality while being easy to build.

What you can do with it?

  • Create a record
  • Update a field
  • Update a related objects field
  • Log a call
  • Launch a flow
  • Send an email
  • Post to chatter
  • Submit for approval
  • Send custom notifications
  • Create, attach, and share Quip Documents
  • Perform Quick Actions

ITCrats help you set up Process Builder for an “Unbreakable” experience. Get more details of how ITCrats can help you in Salesforce Automation today!

If you are still looking for an even more powerful tool, Flow Builder is here to help.

Flow Builder

Flow Builder, or Flow, is arguably the most powerful declarative automation tool you have seen. This tool automates business processes by collecting data and performing an action in your Salesforce or an external system. Unlike Workflow Rules that run in the background, Flow can provide guidance to the user through interactive screens.

What you can do with it

  • Everything Process Builder does and more!
  • Set-up Interactive Screens
  • Update and delete records

Beat the learning curve by trusting the experienced teams of ITCrats. Know more about their Salesforce expertise and solutions.

Approval is an essential part of many business processes, so there has to be an automation tool to handle these tasks. Also, approvals processes can be triggered by actions from other Salesforce Automation tools.

Approvals Process
The Approval Process can be used to automate the steps needed to approve a record. It can specify a series of activities involved in the approval process, a list of approvers, and also what activities will be initiated in case of approval or rejection.

What you can do with it?

  • Field Update
  • Email Alert
  • Create Task and Outbound Message

ITCrats can help you to set-up and integrate Approvals Process with other Salesforce automation tools. Find out how you can speed-up and streamline the approvals at your organization by contacting ITCrats.

Tools at-a-glance

The chart below gives you a quick look at the features of Salesforce automation tools to help you decide which one could be best used for your business.



All tools come with their own advantages and limitations. It is necessary to have a good understanding of the functionality of these tools before choosing the solution most suitable for your organizational needs. In case of incorrect decisions or improper set-up, the executed automation solutions will do more harm than good, due to loss of time and resources. It is always wise to consider the services of Salesforce experts, like ITCrats, to guide and provide the automation tools that will be ideal for your business.

IT Crats helps businesses realize the value of their data with comprehensive data management and support services for Salesforce and other enterprise platforms. Unlock your potential with high-quality services from IT Crats, including Data Warehousing, Architectural Consulting, Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) services, Data Governance, and Data Auditing, among other services. If you want to make your data useful, write to us now at

At ITCrats, we help our customers build & use superior Salesforce that is scalable, robust, reliable, and most importantly which will keep them ahead of the competition.




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