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Sinem Saniye

"IndiMusic TV is truly one-of-a-kind, and the best TV outlet I've seen for Independent musicians. As a winner of the IndiMusic TV contest, I truly had one of the best experiences! At their studio, they treated me with such welcome, I felt like one of the gang. The TV interview we did was one of the best I'd ever done. The questions were engaging, unique, and the whole experience was pure fun. I believe IndiMusic TV is a real trailblazer in the independent music market. I'm so proud of what they have accomplished thus far for indie artists, and know that there is much more to come. I'm honored to be one of the artists broadcast through IndiMusic TV. This is just the beginning! "

Raj Siva-Rajah, The Sunpilots

"We've been on the road in Europe for the last 2 years and haven't had much time to build our profile in the US. IndiMusic TV has helped us get some great exposure over there to get the ball rolling." 

Beyond Belief

"IndiMusic TV was instrumental in helping my debut video, "Don't Touch", achieve mass exposure at a time when there were not many outlets to promote music videos of artists not backed by major labels. At the time, I was a brand new artist just beginning to make my mark, yet IndiMusic believed in me and my movement, and for that, I am forever grateful. IndiMusic TV is so important because it provides a much needed alternative from the mainstream video outlets (which barely even exist anymore) that only keep a very select number of artists in rotation. It is a large part of the reason that the indi movement is stronger than ever, especially in Hip Hop. Thanks for your support from day one!"

Edmund Lam, Hexes & Ohs

“IndiMusic TV gave Hexes & Ohs our US TV debut by featuring our video for 'Wildfire!' back in 2009. That was awfully kind of them. The world needs more IndiMusic TV! Thanks for the support guys.”

Ricardo Dias, Heavenwood

"IndiMusic TV was very important for a Portuguese band, such as HEAVENWOOD, once it was one of the first bridges that allowed us to expose our music and Portuguese culture, with an interview and video, on the US! IndiMusic TV team are tremendously professionals, so if you have a solid musical project that marks the difference in the world of music don´t forget to get in touch with them!”

Tamar Davis
"IndiMusic TV approached me at the beginning of my indie music career. After thorough research, I joined and my website views increased tremendously. Whenever I needed communication with IndiMusic TV I was given the best advice and marketing/promotions possible. I look forward to taking my career to newer levels in connection with the upward momentum of the company!"

8 Ball Aitken

"IndiMusic TV gave me great exposure and access to a wider audience. As an indie musician, IndiMusic TV is a great way to get onto people radar."