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Hillbilly Vegas - Shake It Like A Hillbilly - Blasting intensity right out of the gate, country influenced rockers Hillbilly Vegas got loads of traction with their debut album Ringo Manor, moving a whopping 10,000 copies (massive for an emerging indie band) and scoring major chart action for its first single “Little Miss Rough and Tumble” was on the national country music charts for 26 weeks. Great breakthroughs, sure, but the band – led by Steve Harris (vocals and rhythm guitar) Stacy Thornburg (lead guitar, vocals), Johnny Reed (guitar, vocals), Robb Edwards (bass) and Troy Hollinger (drums)– wanted to get back to their more raucous roots. So they hightailed it to Dallas to work with renowned Texas rock producer Alex Gerst at Empire Sound Recording Studio. Now, with deeper attitude and edge, they’re celebrating the freewheeling spirit of 76’ (their new EP) and getting everyone to “Shake It Like A Hillbilly” with their fiery, rockin’ new single and high energy video. Good mojo’s always essential when bands make a powerful sonic move, and Hillbilly Vegas got tons of it being recorded on the very recording console Bruce Springsteen used for Born In The USA at The Power Station. That’s bound to continue with the new promotional game plan for all future singles, including the second one, the crackling party anthem “High Time For A Good Time”: sharing videos via multiple platforms instead of aiming for radio airplay. Another key track on the album is “2 Gun Town,” a hard rock psycho-rockabilly tune originally written for a National Geographic TV show. “We’ve taken more control this time around as far as our sound and direction,” says Harris. “We’ve always been a rock band sort of dabbling in the country market and that’s even more evident this time around, recording with Alex, who’s worked with many major label bands in Texas. We’re grateful for the success of Ringo Manor, but it was a learning experience as was all of our time recording it in Nashville. Our fans kept telling us they loved our giant live sound and that while they liked our album we’re more exciting live. That’s the power we went for on 76’, which we named after Johnny’s 76 Gibson Firebird guitar. We loved the way Alex got those big drum sounds and the cool atmosphere he created for us to do the hard work. He was the perfect co-producer.” As live performers, Hillbilly Vegas has come a long way from that first acoustic coffeehouse gig a few years ago, around the same time a hotshot from a major Nashville label heard their first song “Wrong” on a Ft. Smith, Arkansas station and offered them a contract. Their work with Battle Saint, a national organization that raises money for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund (benefiting vets suffering from traumatic brain injuries), led to a unique connection with popular race car driver Dennis Schoenfeld, whose company provides headers to the majority of all cars racing today, including NASCAR vehicles. Schoenfeld took a liking to Hillbilly Vegas, and the band is now sponsored by several national racing teams. Most of their live performances are festivals and events connected to the world of racing. Their logo is on two of Schoenfeld’s cars and one belonging to Jake Davis Motor Sports. “We’re all about creating fun, high energy, memorable music that gives people a good feeling,” says Harris. “I love hearing tunes on the radio that stir up feelings that take me back to special times and places – and if Hillbilly Vegas can do that for people, it’s a wonderful thing. We know we’re not doing socially groundbreaking material, but it’s real. Each song chronicles the experience and influences of the guys who wrote them.” Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: Song IPI# BMI# 13286236 Songwriters: Stephen Harris - BMI# 579784767 John Reed – BMI# 440314993 Richie Owens Publisher: Stephen Harris Music – BMI# 579784767 -------------
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02.16.2016 (2118 days ago)
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