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Run By The Gun "My Father's Will"
n planning a music video for "My Father's Will," the first single from our latest musical release, it seemed only natural to go with an animated video as opposed to live action. The characters have been rendered by a host of artists up to now, so here was another opportunity for a stylized, unique artists' take on two of our comic's main characters, Sarah and Jonah. Enter Jason Li. Jay works on the TV show Archer and during the show’s hiatus, Jay agreed to produce RBG’s music video with his awesome team. Josh Grubbs, the project manager, worked tirelessly on animating the video. David Kuettel, the script writer, helped flesh out Zambia's and my ideas for what we felt “My Father’s Will” should look like. “My father’s Will” follows Jonah Gunn as he sets out on a haunting journey to find peace in the arms of his romantic desire and artistic muse, Sarah. Jonah's journey across the desert to Brooklyn mirrors the rough and rocky nature of his relationship with Sarah. Both know the relationship is bad, but both choose to test fate, like that last drink when you know you've already had enough - 'what's the worst that could happen?!' My Father’s Will Music Video Credits: Run By The Gun created by Rey Miranda & Zambia Greene “My Father’s Will” written and performed by Zambia Greene; Vocals by Andre Coles “My Father’s Will” music video produced by Rey Miranda & Zambia Greene Executive Producers Rey Miranda & Zambia Greene Producer Jason Li Project Manager Josh Grubbs Script Writer David Kuettel Designer Supervisor David Kuettel Character Designer Savanah Alexandra Storyboard Artist David Kuettel Lead Animator Jalysa Leva Animator Savanah Alexandra Lead 3D Artist/Animation Josh Grubbs 3D Artist/Animation Chris McLaughin Compositor Michael Morphet For more info:
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10.08.2015 (2496 days ago)
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