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River Becomes Ocean "What If I Stay" feat. Shane Told
Depression has always been a close matter to us in River Becomes Ocean, as each one of us have been through hard times in our lives. We know what it’s like! The vision for the song and video for “What If I Stay” is to spread love, hope and is there to show, that you are never alone. Pain is real, but so is hope! If you are struggling or know someone how struggles with depression you can always contact and if you feel like donating visit Download River Becomes Ocean's debut EP "The World Around Me" at Visit for tour dates, news and merch. Subscribe to more new music on Youtube: Facebook: Spotify: Twitter: Instagram: Produced and Directed by Konstellation Collective Camera by Daniel McMahon Drone Filming by DoubleXAir Starring: Daniel Watkins, Dale Chamberlain, Jesse Mae Andrew, Daniela Schulte, Saranne Carrasco-Brennan, Alexander Martin, El-Said Abdourabbih, Uzoma Ezeyi, Julie Habarurema, Henry Christopher White, Tom Staniford, Xoë Kingsley, Bam Hatter, Wendy Caules, Esther Yoxall, Dennis Merry, Rebecca Blasco, Coran Middlemiss, Sian Mehrtens, Chloe Clerck, Rosie & Mia Treacy, Dom Green, MIchael Dignam, Danielle Foye, Steve Daniels, Trevor, Emily & Rose Marshall, Ewout, Annette & Jasper Roozendaal, Kate Henderson & Thomas Slinn.
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06.29.2015 (2607 days ago)
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