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Ori Dagan "Clap on the 2 and the 4"
Buy the single on iTunes here: VIDEO CREDITS: Director/Producer: Leonardo Dell'Anno Editor: Ryan Maggs MUSIC CREDITS: Music & Lyrics: Ori Dagan Musical Direction: Scott Metcalfe Producer: Eric St-Laurent Engineer: James Pew, Euphonic Sound Vocals: Ori Dagan Keys: Scott Metcalfe Bass: Jordan O'Connor Drums: Lowell Whitty Alto Saxophone: Alison Young Photography: Juan Camilo Palacio SPECIAL THANKS TO MY CO-STARS: (in order of appearance) Simone Sisti Alessia Hughes Natasha Lizzi Abigail Nogiec Emily Ackah Elizabeth Ackah Alex Pangman Beaumont Wendy Lands Chloe Gillard Lemon Stephanie Cozzette Phillip Rego Jeanne Beker Iain MacInnes Luisa Valencia Roque Palacio Kat Langdon Stephanie Cadman Jeremy Walmsley Janet Cordahi Teathrie Echo Vanessa Grandis Bernard Sanchez Amanda Ault Alicia Ault Alanna Ault Wednesday Naomi Polonsky Mila Bender Palatnik Jacqueline Pizzolon Daniel Farb Marie Rickard Miles Chris Brown Monica Rendell Charlotte Kingsley Stein Quao Arlo Stein Quao Maria Vigh Cristian Vigh Sue Foster Sam Broverman Lindsay Fong Cooper Fong
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01.11.2016 (1990 days ago)
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