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Nicole Markson "Gonna Get It All" LIvin' Dreams Records
About The Song: This was the first song I wrote when I got to Nashville! Thank you Dave Aude for your incredible production, writing, & guidance & Clare Reynolds for helping me translate my emotions in this song making this a special experience???? I had to come clean and tell my story in this song. It had been inside me for so long. I was inspired to write it because in this song, I tell the vulnerable story of the regrets I had of not pursuing my true dream of becoming the singer I always dreamt of being. Having Breast Cancer was my turning point. My life altering moment. I made the decision to live doing the things that matter most and help others by sharing my story, message and music to inspire others to live their true dreams and Never live with Regret. That's what "Gonna Get It All" is all about. It's about "Going For it" not holding back, and going after what you truly want, and not waiting until it's too late.
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01.28.2021 (675 days ago)
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