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Nayan "DrNk TeXtIn"
Long distance relationships are extremely tiring and can definitely take a toll on the heart and mind. Just ask L.A. based R&B Singer/Songwriter and America’s Got Talent finalist Nayan Raina. His new song “DrNK TeXtIn” is the result of being madly in love with someone who is not just in another town, but living in an entirely different continent. Not only is the song autobiographical, but it is even done in character, so to speak, as Nayan himself was slightly inebriated when he recorded the song. It was all done on a whim and in good fun, with a beat created by Yuc Beats and produced by John Ho (Frank Ocean, Flo Rida, Danity Kane, Natalie La Rose) it’s only appropriate that the song should become an unplanned success! The song was released in March of 2015 and quickly found itself climbing the iTunes charts, peaking as high as #76! This impulsive tune about chasing a beautiful ballerina from Europe across the globe was a full fledged hit. In order to stay on top of the wave, Nayan knew the time and opportunity was ripe to create a music video to accompany this timeless record. Nayan wanted to work with someone with a creative vision which led him to director Damien Sandoval (Zendaya, Amber Rose, Bobby Brackens, Pia Mia) At first, Nayan thought it might be better to make a video for his single “Butter,” since the subject matter is more standard, in an R&B sense, but Sandoval and his entire team around him implored him to take the plunge with “DrNK TeXtIn.” The story of this epic video draws its cues from Nayan’s own story enacted with Playboy Playmate Alana Campos as Bella, and Nayan starring as Ben. The two are still madly in love but separated by oceans and continents. As they longingly reminisce about each other they remember days of lying together in bed and casually taking in the sights of Cannes together. In the present Nayan is hitting the bottle hard, letting all of his thoughts and emotions out through the stream of texts he sends Bella. She is doing her best to keep her mind off Ben, but her heart is heavy and her mind is filled with thoughts of him. Will she succumb to temptation and text him back or will she let the distance get the best of their love? Tune in to find out!
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10.20.2015 (2237 days ago)
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