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Mistaa Dean "Blue Monday feat. Lenachka"
A lyricist, rapper, singer, writer, producer, motivator, and follower of wisdom, Mistaa Dean loves to perform, and music is his vehicle. His first single, “Blue Monday,” is a stellar introduction, embodying everything Mistaa Dean stands for as an artist. The song is as timeless as it is relevant, touching on a litany of social issues present in today’s society with hopes of shedding much-needed light on darker humanity. His powerful baritone voice delivers a flow of lyrics that traverses the spectrum of emotions, being blunt about the ills of our world but also offering a reassuring vision of a better world. To compliment his delivery he has enlisted the stunning Lenachka to cover the hook of the song. Her delicate delivery is a wonderful juxtaposition and helps paint a vibrant musical picture. In the “Blue Monday” video, Mistaa Dean paints a sobering picture of a life completely derailed by one bad decision. It begins with a young man surrounded by his proud family on his graduation day. His life appears to be on the right track. He’s a teacher with a budding family life full of positivity. On the flip side, the same young man confronts his own life on another trajectory. He’s part of the wrong crowd, in the midst of a bust gone wrong. Rather than be taken in, he flees and tries to escape the law. Unfortunately for him this story does not have a happy ending. Is this a flashback to a turning point in his life or a glimpse of how life could have been? What matters is the message that we have the power to make our own decisions and change our own lives, for better or worse. Of course, the video wouldn’t be complete without Mistaa Dean’s commanding presence setting the pace and Lenachka’s stunning beauty captivating viewers in every scene. The pair also appear as characters in the story, helping tie it all together.
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02.18.2016 (2657 days ago)
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