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Kelly Padrick "Radiance"
Kelly began writing songs at the age of five. Performing in coffee houses in Rhode Island, she decided to stretch her musical wings and move to NYC. Once she arrived, Kelly got into the independent music scene and began playing local clubs, while collaborating with various musicians in NY and Los Angeles. She has released 5 full length CDs and her most recent effort is the new EP Radiance, a collection of songs that will haunt your dreams and celebrate your days awake. The title track for “Radiance” stands out as a true highlight of the EP, slowly and methodically penetrating our inner cores. Kelly’s voice is on full display as she sings a delicate number of forgiveness and a bright love once darkened but now brought back into the light. Padrick says “Radiance was written to be a positive song about love and I felt the concept of the video should mirror the hopeful and spiritual themes of the song.” Padrick and Chica set up shop deep within the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec to shoot the video for “Radiance.” Horror Story offers their insight into the video with their exclusive preview “The music video shows an elegant woman played by Padrick who is worshiped by her radiant lover, played by Quebecois actor Eric Benton.” As the pair glide effortlessly throughout the mountain manor his fascination is apparent. No words need to be spoken between them, he merely needs to see her and he is captivated by her every move. The attraction is off the charts and it’s sure to reach the emotional center of every audience.
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02.05.2015 (2741 days ago)
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