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Joanna Yaeger - Nowhere (Acoustic Version)
My name is Joanna Yaeger, but my friends call me Jo. I’m from a small town in upstate New York called Horseheads, yes Horseheads, and I grew up on Sing Sing Road. I have been singing since I could talk and proclaimed at the age of 4 that I would sing for the rest of my life. From then until now, I have been working toward this dream. There is no “plan B”. Since I was a kid I dreamed of moving to Nashville, and at 23 that dream became a reality. I have been in town about 2 ½ years and have worked part-time jobs while playing shows and writing as much as I could. A little over a year ago I took the leap of faith to pursue music full-time quitting my last “real” part-time job. I continued booking my own shows playing an average of 7 times a week and writing. And…here I am today. The past shapes us, the present is all we have, and the future is left for dreams and reality to collide. Everything, but nothing, has changed about that wide-eyed little girl. I still sing at the top of my lungs and long to change the world through the power of music. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Label: Allegiant Entertainment Group ISRC: QZ9GX1700002 Song IPI# BMI# 24276490 Songwriters: Andrew Beason / Sarah Lake / Joanna Yaeger Songwriters’ IPI#: BMI# 672596014 / 529300667 / 682431182 Publisher: Only Gold Publishing / Say Mather Music / Music by Allegiant Publisher IPI#: BMI# 849924297 / 487869768 / 821341182
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10.09.2017 (1729 days ago)
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