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Flatline Road - What's Your Story - Official Music Video
Their very first show was a sold-out event opening for the legendary David Allan Coe in 2018. Since then, the 5 guys from Fort Worth, Texas who make up Flatline Road have been fine tuning their brand of high energy Texas/Red Dirt country music. Now they are ready to hit the scene and make some noise with their debut single “What’s Your Story”. The lead single off their upcoming EP, which is also titled ‘What’s Your Story’, hits you in the first second of the song with its energy. That energy, which is on display in the music video for “What’s Your Story”, is what drives Flatline Road to make their music. Each member of the band brings their own musical experiences and background, mostly rooted in rock. But country music, and specifically Texas country music, is where they found their passion and their sound. Lead singer Don Mills provides the whisky-soaked vocals accompanied by the slick guitar pairing of Pete Franco and Shawn Fitzgerald. Add in the jamming bass lines of Chadwick Stiles and thundering drums of Garrett Miller you have Flatline Road, and they are ready to rock the Texas/Red Dirt country music scene. Producer: Don Mills Director: Don Mills Website: Facebook: Instagram: Spotify: Label: ISRC: QZHN72182893 Total Run Time: 3:36 Song IPI# BMI# 41390037 Songwriters: Fitzgerald / Franco / Miller / Mills / Berger Songwriters’ IPI#: BMI# 199352330 / 1001552819 / 1015736581 / 493265726
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09.01.2021 (46 days ago)
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