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DAVID PETOVAR - My Kind of County (Official Music Video)
David Petovar has followed a long and winding musical path. From his teenage years taking music lessons and later performing in cover bands, his musical roots are long and deep. Training on piano and composition prepared him for a life of creativity. A legacy of studio recordings of keyboard music and hard rock followed with the re-inventing of his sound and style in the singer-songwriter mode. Having experienced a storied life in music in places such as Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver, David has a unique perspective and authentic artistry. David’s rock music recordings from the 90’s have found their way to music collectors around the world leading to the release of “Bitter Suite - Crime of Love” on the Metal Mayhem label. David’s keyboard soundtrack music earned recognition and royalties on shows such as Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and others. In recent years, David independently released the CD “Lucky 7” and has a finished album “The Journey”. With a number of videos on Youtube, David has embraced the media and has a well photographed history on Facebook and Instagram. A growing audience is engaged in what he portrays in media and onstage with the genuine nature of his message attracting fans and followers. Songs with lyrics that tell a story and have a strong, positive message is what you will hear when you see David perform, either solo or with his band, David and the Titans. A tested and true music veteran with a clearly visible energy and passion on stage, this performer will draw you in and keep you entertained. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Label: Strong and Free Records ISRC: QMEU31991582 Song IPI# ASCAP# 896355385 Songwriters: David Petovar Songwriters’ IPI#: ASCAP# 336271962
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