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Shane Owens - Country Never Goes Out Of Style - Shane Owens’ new single, “Country Never Goes Out Of Style,” is as they say, “country as cornbread.” Anyone who has grown up country can likely relate to its lyrics. The song preaches the lives of so many: wearing a John Deere hat, Wrangler jeans, driving an old Ford pickup down a gravel road and fishing with a cane pole. Owens’ thick Alabama drawl entwines through the lyrics making the case for the song title. According to Randy Travis: “Shane’s song, Country Never Goes Out of Style, is a simple and perfect description of what country living and Country music is all about. In listening to it, I can’t help but reminisce about the best days of my youth and life in simpler times – when technology was a phone with a cord and a party line, transportation was a bicycle, a horse, or a hand-me-down car with manual windows, and taking the initiative to help someone in need was your pleasure and just the way it was. Though much has changed, I think It’s important to keep a focus on our roots – it is a way of life that should never go out of style. Shane has successfully merged yesterday, and today, to remind us that country will always be in style!” In Owens’ own words, “The song ‘Country Never Goes Out Of Style’ means so much to me. It really talks about the way I was raised and the way I live my life today. I can still see my granddad driving that old Ford pickup and wearing that John Deere hat just the way I still do! I think a lot of people live this song daily and can relate to it, especially if they were raised in the country with old school ways. I really think we have a hit with this one. If anyone out there loves to catch a fish on a cane pole at the honey hole, loves to eat homemade ice cream and sit on that porch swing you will love this song!” "Country Never Goes Out of Style" was directed by famed videographer, Jim Shea, who has received multiple awards and nominations for his work with Alan Jackson, Faith Hill and Brad Paisley, among many others. The single is currently gathering strong momentum at radio and is the lead track from his forthcoming full-length album, set for release in early 2016. It was Executive produced by Country music icon, Randy Travis, produced by the legendary James Stroud (Chris Young, Clint Black), and mixed by the award-winning Ed Seay (Martina McBride, Collin Raye). Many things fade but “Country never goes out of style.” Artist Website: Artist Facebook: Artist Twitter: Artist Artists iTunes: Artist Label: Amerimont Records, LLC ISRC Code: USASN1501555 Song IPI: ASCAP # 331740175 Songwriters: Galen Griffin / Jason Patrick Matthews / Kerry Kurt Phillips Songwriters IPI: BMI# 144324891 / BMI# 341101623 / ASCAP# 128013312 Publishers: Galen Griffin Music / EMI April Music, Inc. / Songfighter Music / Dixie Stars a div. of HoriPro Ent. Group Publisher IPI: ASCAP# 335470079 / BMI# 144850768 / ASCAP# 470595829 / ASCAP# 128633767
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06.09.2016 (2252 days ago)
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